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Muzium Negara ~ intresting part *Bicycle*

The bicycle , Japan landing troops by land starting in Singora, Thailand and Japan through the air landing in Sabak Beach, Kota Bharu. Just by simply using a bicycle with the term- Bicycle Blitzkrieg.
Japan having having World War 2 in 1941 at Kota Bharu, and took 45days to move to Singapore with the "Bicycle" ..
1941 bicycle that used by Japan Army

Japan Army with "Bicycle" 

When Japan entered Melaya in 1941 they were using bicycles to enable them to infiltrate into Malaya from Thailand at that time. From the above facts "GelariBasikal" looking forcertainty, particularly of the type of bicycle is used, its size and made ​​the country where the bicycle was made​​. Have the Japanese buying bicycles or take it away from those villages? 

Maroishi Shokai
Maroishi Shokai
According to one source of this bicycle used by the military Jepun.Jenama this bike is"Maroishi Shokai" was his size is 28.

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